Baked Brie with Honey

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I forgot how much I love Brie cheese. Bake it with honey drizzled on top, and you have a oozy-delicious appetizer in 10 minutes. Serve with french bread and sliced green apples. Baked Brie with Honey Place wheel of brie cheese on baking sheet, and drizzle honey on top. Lightly season with salt and pepper Bake at 300 degrees for 7 minutes (or until cheese is just starting to 'ooze'). Remove and place on large plate, with french bed and sliced green apples.


  1. Catherine -

    I'm on my fourth day of my NO sugar, wheat, or dairy diet. It sounds pitiful but I am craving less crap and am feeling good. I'm doing it to see if my skin will clear up: what you put in is what comes out.

    I will be looking at your website alot. I've been making fish - and have tons of avacados, lemons, tomatoes, and eggs. I will miss cheese but really can eat goat so that's good.

    I'll keep you posted - makes me appreciate food more because I can't just whip up a bowl of cereal or lean cuisine - I have to think and really enjoy what I eat so it lasts.

    :) I like all the recipes. The one that gets me is the volcanoe? cake - the Rachael Ray cake. Yum.