Amanda Hesser and Food 52

Amanda Hesser, former New York Times Magazine food editor, is quickly becoming my hero. I wrote about her here, when I read her fantastic compilation of food stories. Little did I know, she is the master of creating cool food projects. Food52 is her latest endevour, and I love everything about it: The videos, the website layout (see sample of recipe page here), the twitter integration, and the natural result of a killer cookbook.

Food 52 Trailer from Food52 on Vimeo.

"Here's the way Food 52 works: There are 52 weeks in a year, and each week we're going to select categories that go into a cookbook. And then you'll send in recipes that fit those cateogries. We'll select the best ones and prepare them each week. Then, you'll choose among them, and the winner will go into the cookbook."