Restaurant Spotlight: Neighborhood Services

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My friend Yvonne, from The Fifth Tine, has been raving about Neighborhood Services, a new(ish) Dallas restaurant. Maybe it was the delicious Malbec we drank, but I left feeling inspired.  Inspired by the food and by hearing a little bit of the owner's story.

This is the first solo restaurant from Chef Nick Badovinus after a successful run at several Dallas hot spots (Hibiscus, Fireside Pies, Cuba Libre and The Mansion on Turtle Creek.)  There is something encouraging about seeing someone take a big risk and execute it well.  The vision is unified.  The food is impeccable.  The atmosphere is upscale but cozy.

We happened to be sitting next to the proud parents of the owner/chef.  Safe to assume they were eating some of the best dishes, so we simply said, "We'll have what they're having."  Pan Roasted Blue Mussels swimming in a divine broth with chorizo and plenty of crispy bread for sopping up the remains.  Then onto the Scallops.  Sweet bay scallops with a sauce of bacon-braised swiss chard, all served over a bed of homemade pappardelle pasta.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Neighborhood Services if you're looking for a date night or place to dream about life's possibilities with a good girl friend.