Skinny Bitch and Organic Chocolate

I recently read Skinny Bitch, the foul-mouthed manifesto about an organic, vegan lifestyle.  It is extremely persuasive.  So much so, that I completely weaned myself off of coffee, sodas and refined sugar.  I was having visions of being the healthiest version of me (including the 6-pack I was sure I would have.)

I had a caffeine headache for four days.  Then I woke up one morning and said, "screw the skinny bitches" and I made myself some coffee.  My key takeaway from the book is that organic chocolate is good for you (well it's not BAD for you.)

Leave it to me to start eating more chocolate because of a diet book.  I highly recommend this Dark Chocolate from Whole Foods.  They even have some with mint crisps in them. Delicious!