Shop Shop - Favorite iPhone App

All this cooking calls for a lot of grocery shopping.  Whole Paycheck Foods is my happy place, but my bank account makes me shop other places (sometimes.)

I often get to the store and forget that I need one hazelnut, or I can't remember if I need one can of tomatoes or four.  My paper list is crumpled in my purse, and I end up pulling out twelve old receipts while trying to find my stupid shopping list.

This is where my new favorite iPhone app comes into the picture.  ShopShop is a FREE app that will make grocery shopping a new joy.

Simple to create new lists, rearrange the items and the best part . . . when you tap an item, you see a satisfying red slash.  Cross it off your list.

If you have ever hunted for your crumpled paper list, let me introduce you to ShopShop.  I think you will be good friends.

(P.S. If you are a techie and would like to know about other apps for grocery shopping this article offers great reviews/comparisons of other grocery shopping apps.)