48 Nights: Sharon Hage

Collaboration.  Cool people doing cool things.  I experienced true collaboration this week as Sharon Hage (of York Street) served as the visiting chef for 48 Nights.  In case you missed it . . . Sharon Hage is a James Beard Award Winner, and York Street was named one of the 50 best restaurants in the nation by Gourmet.

Photo source: Dallas Observer

A little back story:
Two great guys in Dallas, TX (Chris Jeffers, Chris Zielke) open a restaurant named Bolsa.  It's based in the cool, yet rugged Bishop Arts District and focuses on fresh, local ingredients with a Latin flair.  They team up with head chef, Tim Byres, and create Smoke, the hippest barbecue joint in the area.  In comes real estate developer,  Brent Jackson, who is dedicated to bringing 'cool' into the area without disrupting history.  Before they rebuild a few buildings, why not do something AWESOME in the standing space?

 48 Nights is born.  Salvation Army provides all the furniture and mismatched plates and glass.  Open only Monday and Tuesdays for exactly 48 Nights, and all proceeds benefit charities.  You buy a ticket, not knowing who the chef will be.  It could be Stephen Pyles or Bruno Davaillon of The Mansion on Turtle Creek.


If you're lucky (like me) you happen to buy a ticket for the night featuring Sharon Hage of York Street.  Bring your own wine, and enjoy.  Check out the menu and iPhone pictures below, and book a ticket for you and a loved one right now.