Food52: Scallops and Grits

My Food52 love continues. This week, we tested Scallops Composed For a Dinner Party, although I like to call it for what it really is: Scallops and Grits.

This Mexican twist on a southern classic (Shrimp and Grits) doesn't disappoint. A quick read through the ingredients, and you know it's going to be good. Sweet scallops over creamy grits, with jalapenos to keep things kicky. And what can go wrong with bacon and cilantro in the mix?

I would recommend roasting the jalapenos with the vegetables, to help blend the flavors. Also, a quick pat of flour on the scallops will help create a light, crispy sear. This dish could definitely be the star of a dinner party, or a fancy brunch with mimosas on the side.

And here are pictures from my man that continually impress:

Heat milk (please note: If you are lactose intolerant, the lactose does not 'cook off' like alcohol. You will be in pain if you eat this.)

Slowly add grits to the milk and stir continually for 20 minutes.

Add butter (the key to all things delicious) and stir until smooth.

Cook bacon over low heat until nice and crispy. Set aside.

Slice jalapenos removing seeds and rib (or leave it on if you like the heat.)

In the bacon fat, roast veggies until soft and slightly charred.

Slice the cilantro. Don't forget to wash it like I normally do.

Sear scallops in grill pan, rotating after a minute to create char marks.

Serve the grits topped with veggies, bacon, salsa, mexican crema, scallops and cilantro.

Yes please!