Tapas Night

Friend and fellow-food blogger, The Internet Cooking Princess, recently hosted a Tapas Night. It was a wonderful evening with flowing sangria, scrumptious paella and a few other small dishes from myself and the fabulous Wendy.

Here are a few tapas highlights captured by my new husband:

The lovely hostess grilling some stinky cheese. What was it called again Meredith?

Sangria served in Spanish pitchers:

Delicious, bacon-wrapped dates courtesy of Wendy:

A ceviche of sea bass and halibut with avocado, tomatoes, cilantro and avocado. Recipe found here. I thought it resembled a chunky dip, so I served it with some bread for dipping.

And the star of the show … the paella that the hostess prepared in an incredible round tagine. This particular paella is the Food52 winning recipe for Moorish Paella.

Then the Internet Cooking Fiance broke out a little Vinsanto dessert wine they brought home from Italy. We all drank it like kool-aid (because we’re classy.)

And my new favorite salad, ripped off entirely from my new favorite tapas restaurant Si Tapas. Oranges, carrots, red onion and mint. Drizzle with olive oil and coarse salt, and you have a refreshing citrus salad with a nice crunch from the carrots. An unexpected combination that is surprisingly good.

Thank you to food-loving friends who brought a little Spain to Dallas for one night. Cheers!