Genius Mom Tip: Frozen Peas

Jack and peas

My least-foody friend gave me a tip that has changed my life: Babies love frozen peas.

Just serve the peas straight from the freezer bag - no cooking required.  Great for teething.  Great for something fun to touch . . . ooooh so cold, but wait! So squishy.  The peas melt in your mouth in about five seconds, so they are easy for babies to gum and eat.

Both of my kids usually flip their shiesters about 10 minutes before I have dinner ready.  What do I do with crazy monkies screaming for food? Give them frozen peas.  And when they get old enough I give them a few different utensils with which they can battle the peas.  Keeps them busy and contained.  When they are so hungry they want to eat their arms off, they gleefully scarf down peas.  Win Win Win x10.

*** Disclaimer: I have zero medical background and I have no official opinion on when to start solids.  In my personal experience, the frozen peas entered my daily arsenal around eight-months-ish.

And yes, those are Christmas jammies in March.  That’s how we roll.