Genius Mom Tip: Spinach Smoothies

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I should have titled this “The Smoothie All Other Mom’s Knew About But Me.”  Apparently spinach smoothies are a thing.  I didn’t know!  Where have I been!?

My kids are pretty good eaters, but neither of them will eat any sort of leafy greens.  I have tried putting spinach into spaghetti, NOPE!  I have tried spinach in quesadillas, NOPE!  But the second I say, “Let’s make smoothies!” they both come running/waddling/tripping.  I have no idea who told me about this smoothie.  If it was you, thank you!

As with most things in the kitchen right now, they go better if Jack is not there.  He is left out of the cooking action.  I feel bad for about negative 2 seconds.  Grace is pretty good about avoiding life-threatening activities, so she gets to help. She is giddy about shoving spinach into the blender.  Now we’re talking!

Step 1: Fill Blender about 3/4 full of spinach. Then dump roughly a cup of whatever yogurt you like (I use full-fat-creamy-vanilla yogurt).  Blend this up together.  If you add the frozen fruit now, the spinach turns to icy clumps.  This is not good.  

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Step 2: Dump in about 2 cups frozen berries on top of spinach/yogurt mixture.  Blend it up.  Done.  So healthy!  So good!

DSC 5802

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Serve with a straw or a spoon!  These are pretty thick, so you might have to help the little ones get the sucking started as I demonstrate below :)

And yes, I’m a weirdo, and I don’t have any kiddie cups.  I give them smoothies in glass. They have broken.  Whatever.

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Spinach smoothies!  The best way to feel better about serving your child their 8 millionth PBJ :)