Roasted Shrimp + Caprese Salad (with BURRATA!)

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Sometimes it is great to indulge.  Give into your wildest imagination.  Make it a reality.

One Monday afternoon, I thought, “I want shrimp.  Fresh shrimp dipped in spicy sauce.  AND I want juicy tomatoes on the side.  WITH Burrata.”  So I drove my crazy monkeys to the grocery store.  I told them we were eating shrimp and the best-freaking-caprese-salad-in-the-world.

Let’s take a moment to discuss Burrata.  Imagine if Mozzarella and Cream Cheese had a fancy love child.  It elevates.  It seduces.  It. Is. Burrata.  

We ate it.  It was divine.  Dinner still only lasted 5 minutes and it was very loud.  But I got to eat my dream dinner on a Monday.  Cheers to life!

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Roasted Shrimp:

I bought 2 lb. fresh (raw) shrimp, shelled.  I spread it on a roasting pan and drizzled with good oil and salt.  Completely optional, but you can shake a few herbs on there.  I think I did Thyme and Oregano and some Old Bay for John.  Roast in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Maybe less.  Pro tip: You want the shrimp to curl like the letter “C”.  If they curl all the way into a letter “O” they are cooked a little too much.  See the kids plate for an example of shrimp cooked a little too thoroughly.  (and I bought the cocktail sauce premade and it was delicious :)

Caprese salad:

Slice juicy tomatoes and avocados.  Top with burrata cheese and thank the Lord you are alive.  Drizzle with good olive oil and salt and pepper.  Add some basil if you have it (i didn’t.)