Arugula Salad

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During my time in New York, I lived above a music venue/restaurant/wine bar called Rose Live Music. The French/Italian owners serve up a tasty dish and bring cultural musicians out of the wood works. Five of us were talking about food (2 Italians, 2 French, 1 lady from Burundi . . . I think.) When asked what food they couldn't live without, ALL OF THEM said "Arugula. I could not live without Arugula." It's fresh. It's fancy. It's full of peppery goodness. Ladies and gentleman, knock yourself out with the easiest Arugula salad ever. Arugula Salad Place fresh arugula leaves in a bowl (I like to remove stems if they are long). Sprinkle olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Grate Pecorino cheese generously on top. (Parmesan will do, but Pecorino is better.) Toss & Enjoy.