Roasted Red Peppers

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My sister hates vegetables. If she had her way, she would eat Hot Pockets every night. This hurts my heart, so she has promised not to touch those frozen boxes again. All this said, she loves these roasted red peppers. She even cooks them for herself when I'm not there. From a hot pocket girl, this is saying a lot! I like to roast the peppers quickly in the oven with portabella mushrooms and spread goat cheese on top. Sweet goodness in 15 minutes flat. Roasted Red Peppers & Portabella Mushrooms Slice red peppers in half and clean out seeds. Lay on cookie sheet, skin side up. Clean portabella mushrooms. Remove stem, and lay with stem side down. Pour olive oil and a little soy sauce on top of peppers and mushrooms. Roast on top shelf of oven for about 10 minutes. Remove and spread goat cheese on top.