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The Microplane has changed my life. (Please imagine inspirational music playing while you look at the above image.) Gone is the day of awkward cheese shredding. The microplane fits in one hand and allows you to grate cheese or zest lemons over your favorite dish. It's easy. It's neat. I love it. This is especially useful for the Arugula and Pecorino salad I posted last month. I just bought mine for $15 bucks at Sur la Table.


  1. I love my microplane too.
    I have 2 different sizes!
    One for citrus zests, & one for paremsan cheese.
    Your photo is fantastic!

  2. Very useful indeed!

    Thanks for your comments on my food photography. I've thought about getting more into it but the price of entry for the pro equipment is too steep for now... Rereading that post made me realize how stiff my writing was, hopefully I'm getting better at that.

    I may revive my defunct food blog with cooking videos I'm learning to make on my mac, we'll see...

    Looking forward to seeing how your blog progresses!

  3. I too love the microplane - especially this one that has a larger grate. I use it to grate garlic into things instead of taking the time to mince it. Must faster - just watch your fingers at at the end.